What Does Routine Blood Testing Show?

Posted on: June 16, 2019

Considering blood testing so you can find out just how healthy you really are? Most medical professionals want their patients to have routine blood tests performed about every 12 months. The results from their blood work will give them a great deal of information. That helps them to provide their patients with better medical care services. Even when someone is feeling fine, it is possible for them to be experiencing health problems and is why blood testing is so important.

Common reasons for blood tests

There are many reasons why someone should undergo blood testing. One of the more common reasons is that they are experiencing unusual symptoms. Unusual symptoms refer to any type of situation that is out of the ordinary. That can range from general fatigue to experiencing consistent pain in a certain part of the body. Other reasons for blood tests include wanting to be healthier and wanting to reduce one’s risk of disease.

What routine blood testing shows

The following is a list of some of the more common routine blood tests performed and what they show.

Cholesterol blood tests

Cholesterol blood tests are one of the more common routine tests performed nowadays. This test determines how much good cholesterol someone has versus how much bad cholesterol is in their blood. The results from this blood test are important because high blood cholesterol can lead to a buildup of plaque in the arteries, increasing one’s chance of stroke and heart disease.

Thyroid panel blood test

A thyroid panel is a blood test that measures how well someone’s thyroid gland is functioning. These tests will let a medical professional understand if the thyroid gland is not producing enough hormones or too many hormones. Both of those situations can lead to or indicate thyroid problems. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism two of the more common thyroid problems.

Blood sugar blood test

A blood sugar test is also known as a glucose test and determines the amount of sugars in the body. This test is important because high levels of sugars can eventually cause harm to the body, especially in the heart, kidneys, eyes and feet. This blood test also gives information on whether someone is at risk of being diagnosed with diabetes.

Basic metabolic panel blood test

A basics metabolic panel is a blood test that allows a medical professional to understand just how well the body is functioning. This type of blood test checks for things like proper kidney functioning, high glucose levels, proper calcium levels and whether certain proteins are present in the body that can cause kidney or liver damage

When is the last time you had your blood tested?

Is blood testing something you are interested in getting so you can learn more about your overall health? You should be undergoing routine blood tests at least once every 12 months. The results from your tests will determine the current state of your healthiness and can be used to determine what kind of treatments are necessary. Know that we can test your blood and accordingly let you know if there are any health issues present.

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