Should a Cough Last More Than 2 Weeks?

Posted on: February 16, 2019

Regardless of age, we all have been victim to pesky coughs. A pesky cough can definitely be both annoying and frustrating. We want it to end as soon as possible and move on with our lives. However, on average, coughs last about 18 days. That is more than two weeks!

Causes of persistent coughs

Here are a few things that can cause coughs to last longer than normal:

Antibacterial adaptation

When we develop coughs, it is more than common for people to jump to antibiotics. It is a remedy easily accessible and cheap. However, especially for older and mature folks, these antibiotics don’t treat viruses and can lead to resistance if taken too often. This is a common reason why a cough seems to take forever to heal.

When you use the same method over and over, your body recognizes and adapts to it. This means less treatment from the medicine and more days added to the cough. Your best bet moving forward is to switch it up and look for new ways to attack the cough.

Low immune system

People with a low immune system can be a victim to longer periods of coughing. This is because there are fewer antibodies to fight the coughs out your system. Making sure you get plenty of rest and food in your system can be a great way to help your body out. Ensure you are eating enough vitamins and veggies in your diet to help aid your body as well.

Chronic lung disease and asthma

If you have chronic lung disease or asthma, your coughs may be more serious and prolonged due to these issues. Wheezing and hoarseness often accompany these issues but are often treatable. In these situations, seeing a professional is the best way to address these issues in a quick and timely matter.

Irritated airways after the flu can also prolong a cough as it can cause your airways to become swollen and oversensitive. This can last long after the actual virus is out of your body.

Flu season

During flu and allergy season, your immune system may be more prone to the cold weather. This is particularly true with people who have asthma as they are more sensitive during the cold seasons. Dry air can irritate a cough and encourage the growth of dust around the house. Allergies can help string on annoying coughs by making the lungs and airways exert more energy than necessary. In this case, the lungs are fighting both the allergies and the cough itself.

Stressing out

Stressing out and having anxiety can also make coughs last longer. Although it may be hard, remember that you cannot do much to kill a cough besides ride it out. Do not overstress about it as it can aggravate the situation even more.

Remember to aim for eight hours of sleep per night if possible and drink plenty of fluids to help loosen mucus in the airways. Avoid drinks with caffeine or stimulants as they can dehydrate and make the situation worse than it already is.

In conclusion

Although a cough can last more than two weeks, there are plenty of ways to help kill a cough. Make sure to get plenty of sleep and rest to counteract coughs if possible. Contact a medical professional for advice about prolonged coughs.

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