Reasons to Visit Our Medical Clinic Before Heading Back to College

Posted on: July 16, 2018

College students often feel invincible and the last thing on their mind is seeking medical care. We get it. Going to college is a lot of fun. It is the first taste of freedom from parental supervision and gives students the opportunity to live like an adult, just without the same stress of paying all the bills. This is a time of transition and as students are taking these steps, it is important to begin being responsible for their personal healthcare as well. If you fit into this category, call our medical clinic today. We make it easy to receive medical care and to stay healthy. Here are just a few of the reasons to make that appointment before heading back to school.

#1 School is busy

Soon, it will be time to go to class, do nightly readings, assignments and to study for exams. Life is busy during the school year. There is a lot to keep track of, which can make it slightly challenging to remember to visit the doctor. Do it now, before life gets busy.

#2 Immunizations may be required

A lot of universities are requiring regular immunizations. Check with the health department to see if any are necessary and then schedule an appointment before heading to school.

#3 Some health problems can go undiagnosed

It is possible to have a health issue, like mononucleosis, and think it is a long-lasting cold. Rather than taking the risk, come in for a standard health checkup. If anything is going on, we can conduct tests and run bloodwork to determine what the problem is and the best way to treat it. This is especially relevant for anyone who has been self-treating a health problem for more than a month.

#4 Sexually active students should be checked for STI’s

Practicing safe sex is incredibly important because contracting an STI can have long-term health consequences. Some can lead to issues like sterilization and an inability to have children later on in life. Getting checked every couple months is a wise idea, especially after a sexual encounter where a condom was not used. Doing so is important for personal health and also the health of any future partners. We keep all test results confidential so there is no risk of parents seeing the results.

#5 Stress, anxiety and depression are common

Many students are struggling with mental health issues as stress, anxiety and depression are becoming increasingly common on college campuses. Anyone who is struggling with these issues should seek medical care right away. There is nothing to be ashamed of and delaying treatment can only make things worse. Instead, visit our medical clinic for help. With the right medication, it can be possible to reach a better mental state and to enjoy college, rather than dread it.

Feel your best at college this year

Ultimately, visiting our medical clinic can help to improve your college experience. It is possible to have good health (physically and mentally) and to enjoy college more because of it. Improve your health today by scheduling an appointment with our office.