Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care: Which is Better?

Determining whether or not the emergency room or urgent care clinic is needed after an injury or illness can be difficult to determine. They both have their advantages as well as their drawbacks, so it is essential to know the … Continued

3 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Urgent Care

Going to an urgent care clinic is a fantastic way to receive immediate medical attention for minor injuries and illnesses. Although, not all urgent care clinics are created equal, and it is vital to research and know what to expect … Continued

Mononucleosis FAQs

Frequently asked questions about mononucleosis How do you get mononucleosis? The primary means of mononucleosis transmission is by physical exposure to the body fluids of a diseased person, either through sexual intercourse, kissing or using utensils. Although it is rare, … Continued

When to Worry About a Toddlers Fever

A fever in an adult is dangerous, and despite being more common, toddler fever should be treated with even more urgency and care than fever in an adult. Although a minor fever can be treated at home, a more severe … Continued

How an Urgent Care Center Helps Patients

Urgent care centers were developed in the 1970s to treat patients who needed immediate but non-emergency medical assistance. They were created to treat walk-in patients who did not want to wait for an appointment with a primary care doctor and … Continued

Reasons to Visit Our Medical Clinic Before Heading Back to College

College students often feel invincible and the last thing on their mind is seeking medical care. We get it. Going to college is a lot of fun. It is the first taste of freedom from parental supervision and gives students … Continued

Check for a Thyroid Problem with Blood Testing

Blood testing is the first step for finding out if your thyroid is working properly. Many people are not aware of the importance of the thyroid gland and how hormone levels that are even slightly off can cause a variety … Continued

Quick and Affordable Urgent Care Near Zephyrhills

If you need urgent care near Zephyrhills, worrying about expenses should be the last thing on your mind. Understandably though, many people do have this concern due to the inflated costs of most doctor offices and urgent care facilities. If … Continued

Visit Our Office to Find a Low-Costs Doctor Who Can Help Your Family

Visiting a low-cost doctor does not mean receiving low-quality medical care. To the contrary, we help patients to receive the healthcare they need at a rate that they can afford. Seeing a doctor should not have to break the budget. … Continued

Visit Our Walk-in-Clinic After Being in an Accident

Visit our walk-in clinic after being in a car accident. It is important to visit a physician immediately after being in an accident because of the chance of there being an¬†undiagnosed injury. Being in an accident causes the body to … Continued