5 Tips for Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain hardly ever starts out of the blue – it advances over time. The demands of our daily lives are not favorable to the neck. Neck pain may be caused by previous injuries, arthritis or degenerative disc disease. Then … Continued

What Does Routine Blood Testing Show?

Considering blood testing so you can find out just how healthy you really are? Most medical professionals want their patients to have routine blood tests performed about every 12 months. The results from their blood work will give them a … Continued

Urgent Care: Is It Strep or a Sore Throat?

When you feel the pain of a sore throat, an urgent care clinic can help diagnose the root of the problem. While a sore throat is usually the first sign of a common cold, in some cases, it can signify … Continued

Visit Our Walk-In Clinic Near Zephyrhills for These Services

There is no need for appointments or long waits at our walk-in clinic near Zephyrhills. We offer health services to people with minor medical problems or those who want a simple checkup. Compared to the emergency room, walk-in clinics usually … Continued

What to Expect From a Digital X-Ray

The digital X-Ray is an evolution of medical imaging technology that has been in use since the start of the 20th century. With digital X-rays, radiologists no longer have to use a bulky machine to take images or handle the … Continued

Should a Cough Last More Than 2 Weeks?

Regardless of age, we all have been victim to pesky coughs. A pesky cough can definitely be both annoying and frustrating. We want it to end as soon as possible and move on with our lives. However, on average, coughs … Continued

Visiting an Urgent Care Center for Medical Testing

Get medical tests done at an urgent care center to get results fast. Urgent care facilities aren't as limited as many people think they are. There are a variety of problems that can be treated at urgent care, and many … Continued

Emergency Room vs. Urgent Care: Which is Better?

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3 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Urgent Care

Going to an urgent care clinic is a fantastic way to receive immediate medical attention for minor injuries and illnesses. Although, not all urgent care clinics are created equal, and it is vital to research and know what to expect … Continued

Mononucleosis FAQs

Frequently asked questions about mononucleosis How do you get mononucleosis? The primary means of mononucleosis transmission is by physical exposure to the body fluids of a diseased person, either through sexual intercourse, kissing or using utensils. Although it is rare, … Continued